Managed Service Provider Brand When it comes to running backs, the watch with the most money

When it comes to running backs, the watch with the most money

Running backs aren’t just the primary beneficiaries of the league’s $2 billion salary cap.

They are also the only players whose numbers are in the spotlight.

That’s because the average salary for running backs in 2016 was about $11 million.

That number is higher for receivers than running backs are for wide receivers, which is a reflection of the increased emphasis on playmaking in the passing game.

While that’s a boon to the position, it can lead to questions about whether it’s time to give running backs a bigger role.

“Running backs don’t get the credit they deserve for their playmaking, and that’s the wrong attitude,” one NFL executive told The Associated Press.

“They don’t play the role that they were meant to play.

It’s a credit to the players, not the coaches.”

It’s hard to make an argument for a running back as the top position on the depth chart, but it’s important to remember that there is a point when you have to decide what you’re going to pay for a player.

Here are the top 10 players in the NFL who have received the most cap money since last year.

Player Team Cap Payed by 2017 cap number Rank Running back Cleveland Browns $14,300,000 $6,300 $10,800 New England Patriots $10)9,600,000 – $6.1 million Pittsburgh Steelers $7,300.000 – – $5,500 San Francisco 49ers $7)5,900,000 (up from $4,600) Carolina Panthers $7.2 million (up $3,900) Jacksonville Jaguars $7 million (down from $8.1) Kansas City Chiefs $6 million (no change) New York Giants $5 million (off $8 million) Seattle Seahawks $5.5 million New Orleans Saints $4.5 billion (down $4 million) Buffalo Bills $4 billion (no changes) Los Angeles Rams $4-4.8 billion (up to $9 million) Cincinnati Bengals $4-$4.3 billion (downs $3 million) Miami Dolphins $3.5-$3.9 billion (ups from $2.8 million)* Kansas City Chargers $2-3.3 million (on average $1 million) New Orleans Buccaneers $2 million* *The Patriots have paid a combined $4 in cap money for the last two years.

Source: NFLPA salary cap tracker