Managed Service Provider Brand This is the most hilarious moment in the history of Reddit

This is the most hilarious moment in the history of Reddit

The Reddit community has seen a series of hilarious moments, from people trying to buy a watch and the subreddit’s moderators deciding to ban people from their subreddit entirely.

Now, Reddit’s newest leader, Ellen Pao, has come out in support of her boss’ actions and is in the process of trying to change the way Reddit functions.

In a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) this week, Pao said that she was going to “try to figure out how to have a better way of handling things, especially in light of the fact that some of the people I’ve had to interact with in the last couple of months have been trying to shut down subreddits like r/IAmA and r/subredditdrama because they feel like they’re harassing, demeaning, demeaned, demoted, etc.”

Pao has been in power since 2014, and her new role has seen her remove subreddits like the r/KotakuInAction subreddit and r /r9k subreddit.

That move saw the Reddit community split into the more pro-GamerGate and the anti-Kotas subreddit, which Pao believes was a result of Redditors’ anti-censorship stance.

In the AMA, P, who is also the CEO of Reddit, explained that her plan to “change Reddit to be more open to new ideas and a place where ideas and content can be shared and debated in a constructive way” would be implemented on Monday.

“It’s something that I think we should be doing as a company, because I think that is really important,” Pao explained.

“And if I can make sure that that’s the way that we’re moving forward and that the tone is one that we want to be a place that people can come and be inspired by, that that is something that we can all agree on.”

Pooner explained that she hopes Reddit users will have a chance to vote on her changes to Reddit’s subreddit before her plan is implemented.

The voting will be closed in August, and the results of the vote will be made public before then.