Managed Service Provider Mechanical Watch How to Watch CNN on Apple TV, Roku and Android devices

How to Watch CNN on Apple TV, Roku and Android devices

I’m sure that the Apple TV is a must-have for most Apple fans, and while I have my reasons for that, I can’t help but think that Apple’s decision to make the Apple Watch available as a streaming device may have contributed to the popularity of the device.

Apple’s Apple TV streaming services have been available for the past few years, and since the launch of the AppleTV, there has been a huge increase in the number of devices that can be streamed to Apple TV. 

The Apple TV can play all your Apple content on-the-go, and even support Apple Pay, although it’s not clear how much the Apple Pay integration works.

In order to stream to the Apple Watches, you need to have a compatible Apple TV or Roku box.

If you’re using a Roku box, you can access the Apple app on your Roku box from the Apple tvOS app or from the Roku app on any other Android device that supports Apple TV (or even iOS).

If you’re not using an Apple TV but have a Roku Box, the Apple App Store has a list of compatible devices for you to add to the list, so if you have a device that can stream to your Apple TV and have a streaming app on it, you should be able to add it to your Roku list. 

For now, there are two ways to stream Apple TV content on the Apple watch, but the first is a relatively simple process.

First, open up the Apple interface and tap the “Play Now” button on the top right of the screen.

Next, select the Apple content you want to stream on the watch.

If you can’t see the Apple icon in the upper right corner, you’ll need to use your arrow keys to move the Apple video player to the top of the app list and tap on the “Show All” icon.

If the Apple logo appears in the top left corner, tap on that icon to see all of the available Apple TV streams.

You can also navigate to the “Stream” section in the Apple screen and tap “Show Apple Video” to see a list that includes all of your AppleTV apps on your Apple device.

You can also drag the Apple icons to different parts of the watch face to access specific parts of content on your watch. 

If you have multiple Apple TV devices, it’s possible to use the same Apple TV app on each device and stream from multiple devices to the watch, and the “stream” section of the “My Apps” screen allows you to set a default list of available AppleTV streams.

If you need more information, you may want to check out the Apple product support FAQ for more details on how to add content to your watch or for more information on streaming Apple TV to other devices. 

You can find more info about the Apple iOS app here and watchOS here