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Apple’s LegionWatch 3: The Watch is the best watch

A long-running Kickstarter campaign has come to a close with a $4,903,000 reward target for the LegionWatch3 watch, and its creator says it’s now up to the world to help the project reach its $8,000,000 goal.

The Kickstarter page for the Watch, launched in October, raised $2.2 million (around £1.6 million) by February, but as of Monday it had failed to meet its $4.3 million goal.

However, the watch is still available for pre-order on Amazon and through the company’s online store, with a suggested retail price of $849.

The device is designed to offer users a number of unique benefits.

One of them is the ability to record audio, with the Legion Watch 3 boasting a built-in microphone for voice recording.

It also includes a built in Bluetooth speaker, and can support wireless charging, meaning you can charge the watch without using a power adapter.

The watch will also allow users to take their watch with them when they travel, by simply swiping the watch off the wrist.

LegionWatch2 is currently available for $699 (around $799).

Other cool features included in the Watch are its waterproofing, Bluetooth connectivity, and a fingerprint scanner.

The Legion Watch3 is said to feature a more stylish design than the Watch2, with silver and black accents, and the watch’s logo will be replaced by a circular logo, rather than a traditional “L”.

It also has a “power on” feature, so the watch can be powered up when it detects the need to charge.

The Legion Watch Series 3, which also has the “power” function, will be released in October.